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Jesus came to answer the pounding cry of our hearts.

Toth Ministries is committed to opening eyes and hearts to our potential as children of God.

Our retreats and events are designed to make known the power of an intimate relationship with God made available through Christ.

Our hope is to awaken God’s children to what Jesus makes possible for us everyday, starting today.
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Offering the people of Palo Chino, Juarez, and the Sierra Madres a hand up focusing on:

  • Reclaiming the dignity of the oppressed
  • Cultivating courage, hope, and creativity
  • Inspiring sustainable, organic growth
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Passion to Action is a grass-roots movement whose mission is to inspire, empower and mobilize people to put their faith in action.

An organization of people committed to serving and obeying Jesus Christ and building His kingdom here on earth by communicating the love of God in Jesus Christ through compassionate, dignified service to the poor.
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