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August 4, 2015 / Posted by in Blog


Our children enjoyed reading Choose Your Own Adventure books. They began with a story line that came to a point where you had a choice to make, go to page x or page y to continue your adventure. The story changed depending upon your selection. I’ve often used this as an example to explain my understanding of how God is flexible with us. I believe He has a preference for what decisions we make, and if we consult him consistently in solitude, we can know the preference. However sometimes we choose badly either because we don’t consult with Him, we don’t consult long enough to wait for the answer, or like the rich young ruler, decide we are not willing to make the sacrifice required to receive what the Lord is offering (always a bad decision by the way, but the one it seems most opt for).

A while back I pondered the rich young ruler for a few weeks along with a sermon I heard coincident to reading the passage. It occurred to me that while he went away sad, this might not have been his last chance to follow Jesus. Obviously we can’t know that, but we can know that ‘Jesus loved him’ just as he loves us even though we make the wrong choice at times. When we do that, the opportunity presented is lost forever – that specific one – but it doesn’t mean God gives up on us. It seems he gives us choices daily, some seemingly insignificant, but even with them I’ve found while they seemed insignificant at the time they turned out to be huge in impact.

For example, having attended classes many years ago at Grace Church taught by a seminary professor who was on sabbatical from Nairobi, I was put on a prayer email list. That caused me to be invited to a dessert to promote the seminary. Since the professor wasn’t going to be at the dessert (he was back in Nairobi by this time) I really didn’t want to go, but felt I ought to, so I went out of obedience. It turned out to be a wonderful time, but what made it significant was the Q&A following the presentation by Oscar Muriu, the head pastor at Nairobi Chapel. God used one of the answers in the Q&A to inspire me to support a pastor at the seminary.

It was about this time I was developing tSOAR, a discipleship program. By the time the student arrived from Congo to Nairobi at the seminary, I had developed the first syllabus of the discipleship program so I sent it to him for review. The relationship that started because I reluctantly attended a dessert has resulted in over 4,000 pastors and church leaders in Africa being trained in discipleship and impacting an unknown number in their local congregations.

Has God impressed upon you to take a step that you have not yet taken? He will not love you less if you choose not to take it, but also know you will not be living the life intended for you if you refuse.. Will you take it? Adventures chosen by God are much more fulfilling than what we often choose.


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