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The JWAR logo is designed to tell our story


The branches of the tree represent the network of local Rebel Town communities gathering to worship God in spirit and in truth. We believe that Rebel Town communities grow on these branches as POD’s-Platoons ofDisciples, becoming leaves that will heal the nations.

Convergence of the River

The convergence of the river at the trunk of the tree represents bringing our allies together as a convergence of the body to see the full picture of the kingdom.

The Rivers

The rivers that make up the roots of the JWAR tree are our strategic alliances with ministries bringing the Kingdom. Our focus is to encourage and empower those ministries to be elite, stand alone expressions, unique missions.

JWAR encourages and empowers our allies with financial support, strategic and operational planning, prayer, and people. JW AR’s current allies are Toth Ministries, Amigos, and P2A Ministries.

Yellow Explosion

The yellow explosion from the tree represents spreading the radical life saving power of Jesus and it reflects the fruit of empowering communities of worshippers; organizations that bring the Kingdom and together go and make disciples of all nations, Matt 28:19.

Our Battle Cry

To spread the radical life saving power of Jesus teaming with the Holy Spirit

To rebel against the powers and systems of this world

To wake the souls of the sleeping giants that are His church

Replace fear with a deep bold courage and catapult in to action ´┐╝those who are stagnant

With joy as evidence of His power and presence in our lives