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Rebel Town

Rebel Town Vision

Our vision is to create and empower local communties of obsessed worshippers, worshiping God in spirit and in truth.

These communities are built with the pillars of love and relationship that create a culture of safety and freedom that allow them to partner with the Holy Spirit to learn how to more effectively follow Jesus and bring the Kingdom.

These communities should then rise up like a river under their local churches and cities, to see together what Heaven on Earth looks like. The fruit of these partnerships is to bring the Kingdom together and make disciples to the ends of the Earth.

Communities of Obsessed Worshippers with a Foundation of Worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth

There are many different ways to worship God. What we believe should be foundational to every Rebel Town community is an obsession for Him and His Presence. We also believe that Rebel Town communities should be built on the foundation of His words.

Both His words that He speaks directly to us, that are affirmed by the body, and His words, are critical to a healthy, vibrant community of God.

The River

As your Rebel Town Community learns to be the Kingdom, you can, at the invitation of and in full submission to your local church, flow under it and raise up the body to see the Kingdom together.

The fruit of this powerful relationship will be a growing number of loving, grace-filled disciples. As you learn to bring the Kingdom together, you can move into your city or broader community taking the Kingdom outside the walls of your local church.

Rebel Town

Rebel Town is part of a larger culture counter unsurgency called JWAR – Jesus Was A Rebel.

JWAR is called to advance His kingdom by spreading the radical, life saving power of Jesus, evidenced by fruit in and through people’s lives.

The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force. Matt 11:12 & Luke 16:16

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