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December 8, 2015 / Posted by in Blog

joe-williamsonOften my discipleship group has spirited debates, often on how to interpret scripture. Debates over interpretation will likely never be resolved in this lifetime. As long as there are multiple people there will be multiple interpretations. Sadly the church, the Bride of Christ, often lets such disputes divide them to its shame. We should always be seeking the truth, but as long as there are other truth seekers coming to different conclusions we should hold onto our version of ‘the truth’ with humility.

The debate about which Bible is a simpler one to me. The original King James Version is still used by too many Christians. Why? I have no idea. Certainly it has lofty language, but it also has archaic language; we spoke the King’s English 400 years ago, not today. To make my point I recently used Luke 19:13 in the KJV focusing on “Occupy till I come” and asked the group how they understood that passage. The member of the group who still uses the KJV said correctly that one must look at the context. However that didn’t help him get to what the passage means.

The same passage in the NIV says, “Put this money to work until I come back.” No one had difficulty understanding what that meant. The Bible is difficult enough to understand in modern English; don’t make it more difficult by reading it in language we no longer use. Words we still use today had a different meaning then. Which one is best? That depends a lot on preference, but there are several new ones with ‘new’ in their names, any of which would be preferable to the original King James including the New King James version. Others that come to mind in no particular order are New International Version, New English Version, New Living Translation (NOT the Living Bible), and the New American Standard version.

The primary requirement is that one read. And ponder. And respond. For those of you who find that difficult, we make it easy. At www.tSOAR.org you can sign up for daily scripture readings via email.

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